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Welcome to Helvetic AI

Let's boost! your Business with AI

"Artificial Intelligence in your business ?

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Our 2025 Project is to
Accelerate Recrutment with 

Here is how

Have 24/7 online assistance

By providing digital tools to the unemployed in a Saas form (Software as a service) we can deliver fast and qualified tools to solve their problems or demands at anytime.

Tools like our Application letter generator, wich will be their co-writer assistant to generate them initial application letters tailored to the job's description and personnalized to the user's cv or profile.

The Problems

Save time & accelerate recrutument

We started building this tool because we noticed that:

  • Cover letters became underrated.

  • People became lazy to write letters.

  • In average 50% of recieved letters are generetic (not personnalized).

  • In average people spend 25 minutes to write a correct application letter personnalized, tailored to the job's description and with 0 mistake.

  • HR / Recruters spend in average ONLY 7 seconds per cv, resume.

The Benefits

Apply 10 times more

Using such a powerful tool can:​

  • Allows you to apply up to 10 time more jobs than before.

  • Every application is perfectly tailored to the job and personnalized to your profil.

  • Save in average 20 minutes per letter generated.

  • Get more attention than the others applicants only with cv or a resume.

  • Economics and federal benefits: When people apply to 10 times more than. before, that means in theory, that the perfect profile gets the job faster and this accelerates the economy of the recrutement market.

Coming soon

What we do now

Meet Jenny, who has automated her support client service with an Ai Agent 

Let our AI Agents
do the boring work.. 

Don't Miss the Next Big Wave
AI is the New Internet 

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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." 
~the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

Every revolution go through these 3 stages




This is Kevin

Kevin is a Smart Guy

Kevin runs a real estate business. While others are manually scouring the web for property listings, Kevin's chilling with his favorite show. Why? Because he's got Helvetic AI's Real Time Web Scraping on his side.

Here's what Kevin enjoys with our service:

  • The freshest data, the moment it's available.

  • Kevin gets an alert the moment a property matching his criteria is listed.

  • Every detail, from property name, address, price, to construction year, is captured.

  • All this data? Straight into Kevin's Excel or Google Sheet.

  • While others are still searching, Kevin's already making offers.

Kevin's secret? He chose Helvetic AI's web scraping service. Now, he's always a step ahead in the real estate game.

Be like Kevin. Choose smart 😎. Choose Helvetic AI.

Brands & Partnerships

ChatGPT - 4

What People Are Saying

"You put so much hard work into getting this client, and it really paid off. Thanks to your focus and determination in going the extra mile and managing all of the complexities of this project, we met our goals."

E-Commerce - using Mass E-mail Marketing

We are Located in Bern, Switzerland and have already helped many local business boost their results
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